Scam? – Message From Job Poster

Talk about too good to be true, a salary of $85,000-$95,000 to check emails twice a day. Another employment oportunity with money scammers, see below:

Hello Candidate,

Thank you for your interest. After viewing your resume on, we have decided to contact you. We have an excellent opportunity for you.


· Computer intermediate experience, checking emails 2 times/day

· US citizen or permanent residence/green card holder

· Honesty, responsibility and promptness in operations

· Self-motivated and capable of working independently

· Required Travel: NO

· Relocation: NO

· No Sales
We offer:

· Attractive bonuses and commissions with each order

· No contact with our clients

· No Fees

· You can start tomorrow

· Compensation: $85,000 – $95,000 per year

· Fix salary after first month

· Employee Type: Full-Time/Part-Time

· Education reimburse

· Vacation (2 weeks for Exempt employees)

· 4 paid Company Holidays / 2 paid floating holidays

· Large and stable corporation

Please reply if you are interested.

Hiring Department

You are receiving this employment opportunity email because you uploaded your resume on CareerBuilder. If your employment status has changed or you no longer wish to receive these emails, you can update your privacy and communication preferences from your resume by logging onto or you can block this employer from viewing your resume and sending you candidate emails.
This email was sent from Account ID JOI832LKH76K and by this logged in User BNYEI3890E82
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31 Responses to Scam? – Message From Job Poster

  1. Jeff says:

    I got an email from “Mildred Ralston” with the same message. I forwarded it to
    Below is what I got back from them –

    Thank you for contacting CareerBuilder’s Trust and Site Security Team.
    After full review of your report, we have determined that this is a Payment Processing scam message. This email should be disregarded. Any communication with individuals associated to the email message should be ceased and future correspondence attempts ignored.

    For more information about Online Fraud, we do offer a Fraud Page for Jobseekers:
    We also recommend visiting, which provides practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard, secure your computer, and protect your personal information.
    If you need to report a complaint about online or related transactions with foreign companies (cross-border scams), then please visit
    Forward suspected fraudulent scam email messages to the FTC at, as well as to the Abuse Desk of the sender’s ISP.
    Internet Crime Complaints can also be filed at

  2. Jenny says:

    Got exactly the same message. Also curious.
    From: Mildred Ralston (

  3. Howard Campbell says:

    Received essentially the same email as the other two respondents from a “Mildred Ralston”, representing Vanguard Jobs, using an AOL account. It was quite an impressive email, I must admit. All I had to do was collect checks mailed to me, take a 10%commission, and forward the rest to “Vanguard” at an address in the UK. Complete UK address, etc. After a month, I would receive a “salary check” of $1,000.00 to cover expenses, etc. The more i read it, the more suspicious I became. She listed a number of companies that “Vanguard” does business with, all of them European. She stated that everything I would be doing would be legal under the laws of the UK, the European Union, and the US. If they’re legitimate, why mention that? Anyway, it is the old story; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This goes beyond a scam; it sounds like money laundering to me, with my name on it. Nice. I’ve printed out the email, and it will be made available to any member of law enforcement that wishes to see it.

  4. David says:

    Got the same thing….what is wrong with people !!!

  5. Lperrin says:

    Wow I got the same one

  6. Steve says:

    I got the same message. At least I didn’t chase another rainbow.

  7. Steve says:

    Looks like Mildred changed her name to Allison Moore…same email different sender. Cheers…

  8. Liz says:

    Same one with Courney McCarthy now.

  9. Margaret says:

    Not only are such ads on CareerBuilder a, scam, the whole CareerBuilder site is a scam. People should know that using any of their paid services is simply a scam to get your money. Not only will they bill you for services they don’t deliver, they will also bill extra amounts that they don’t tell you about. You only find out about this when you check your credit card. Also, I’m starting to believe that most of the ads they post, the ones you can access for free, are bogus. I recently filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

  10. Sam says:

    I received an almost identical message from an Abigail Lash “candidateemail at”. I’m reporting it to the FTC link and others as mentioned above.

  11. Dee Byers says:

    she’s Crystal Gill and she works for Motabits in the UK today.


  12. Gary says:

    Got one myself offering me a IT Manager job that they think i’m qualified for when I don’t even have experience in that field at all .. Not to mention I never even signed up for there services. After I read the program they want you to download . Gives them access to all your browsing history, app’s and pretty much opens your entire PC up for them to look and use at any given time . Scam without a dout.


    I am a customer service representative at CareerBuilder. I found a position at Yoh that you may be interested in based on your experience and qualifications. You can review the position on the CareerBuilder site here:

    IT Project Manager

    Best of luck to you in your job search!

    Careerbuilder Customer Service Team
    CareerBuilder |5550-A Peachtree Parkway | Norcross, GA 30092

  13. JustinC says:

    HOW DO YOU BLOCK THESE? At the end of the email it says, or you can block this employer… but HOW??

  14. KERRY says:

    Look out for annette Greene she just sent me a contract to work for boat parts and spares and to cash checks with my bank and get 10% And $1000 then in 2 months get 15% plus the $1200 to $1300 and I still get the $1000 I’m glad I look at this because it was to good to be true

  15. James Green says:

    I Just Got one fron a person names Sytlvia hall, I googled and found this site, glade to hear that people are aware.

  16. Harris says:

    Hello! We have found your resume in CareerBuilder database and think you are a perfect candidate for this job which we offer.

    Opening: Transactional operator-escrow agent
    Salary : 2000$/month and you receive 5-7% of the amount of the transaction. As a rule, the amounts that we process vary from $1,000 to $9,999, but can go higher on special occasions.

    The position consists of planning, directing, or coordinating the companies operations. This is a partial job. The job responsibilities will take only 2 or 3 hours day within working days 8 a.m. 6 p.m. Mon thru Fri. The most important thing is that it is a great chance for you to increase your income.

    Requirements :

    – Location: USA
    – Citizenship or Work-Visa: Required
    – Over 18
    – Education: High School/College

    For additional information, please reply with your short resume.

    Have a happy day,
    Garant Express
    Job opening ; id _ H8KPK7T464662…

  17. gig2424 says:

    Laura Harley , her name here …. anyway , yes upfront all my efforts payd.why not !

  18. Lily Bley says:

    Hello, My name is Lily and i just got a check from Jason Baker for a mystery shopper i got a check for $1,990.00 and told me to go to Walmart buy for a $ 100.00 merchandise , then send
    $ 1,550.00 to Philippines to other candidate to other region. The rest of the money is supposed to be mine which $ 300.00
    This is sound good to be true. Please some one tell me if this is a SCAM….

  19. darryl says:

    I got one from A Daniel Kraus with telling me the same thing about all of my skills being what their looking for and to get back with them if interested. Tell me, has anyone else received this same email?

    • ALEX says:

      i GOT IT …

    • I got the email as well! and when I searched them and tried to research it, nothing bad came up. but after reading other logistics scams I think this one is too. I even accepted the job from them and they sent me a package. but it got returned to sender. I think I’m going to notify USPS tomorrow.

  20. cbsitesecurity says:

    Thank you for helping spread a word of caution about these types of messages! Based on the information listed within your original post, the email in question does appear to be a spoof message designed to appear as if it came from a legitimate source or 3rd party company in order to lend its credibility. We recommend such messages be disregarded and any current or future correspondence attempts related to the message be ignored.

    Do you mind forwarding a copy of the email in question to us? We would like to review the emails you’ve received.

    To forward the emails or for more information about Online Fraud, we do offer a Fraud Page for Jobseekers:

    Thank you.
    CareerBuilder’s Trust and Site Security Team

  21. Nicole says:

    This is the message that I just received:

    We are happy to inform that you have successfully passed the preliminary selection among the applicants on http://www.ó

    Our company has reviewed your resume and would like to offer you a position with our company as a Credit Manager. We strongly believe that your knowledge, skills and experience will be an asset to our company.

    Job Title: Credit Manager
    Salary: $5,600 per month
    Hours: Part-time (Monday-Friday)
    Location: United States


    – MS Office (Word) – basic knowledge

    – Internet access and e-mail

    – A sufficient level of work ethics

    – Ability to learn fast and perform tasks in a timely fashion

    – U.S. resident or green card holder

    – You are not required to quit your current job.


    – Assist in company’s financial business.

    – Perform financial tasks.

    – Make reports.

    Please reply to this email if you are interested.

    Hiring Department

  22. TG Daniel says:

    Has anyone communicated with the companies or indiviiuals offering the positions listed?

  23. Musasizi Julius says:

    I am julius from uganda am looking ajob for housekeeper

  24. Musasizi Julius says:

    Am julius from uganda am looking a job for housekeeper if you want to contact me this my phone number 0783779195

  25. Devilcorp says:

    Great site! Here’s a link to a report about a global emplyment scam at .

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